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General FAQ's

Can I place the orders through website?

Sorry! Currently, you can use only the Mobile App to place the order. But hey, our website is under construction and you will be surprised soon. Leave your Email/Number and we will let you know when it’s done.

Can I change my delivery address after placing the order?

We don’t allow changing the localities but minor changes in the flat number or building number can be done by calling our customer support team at +91 88010 00055 or from “Help and Support” section. It can be changed only if your new address is falling under restaurant delivery limits.

Can I order from multiple restaurants in a single order?

No, currently we support ordering from single restaurant only. We’re working on it. Soon we will be supporting orders from multiple restaurants. Drop your email id here and we’ll let you know when it’s done.

Can I place an order in advance?

Currently we don’t have a feature for order scheduling in Yumzy. We’re working on it. Drop your email id here and we’ll let you know when it’s done. You can use “StoveRove”, our meal scheduling app available on web, iOS and Android.”

How can I give special instructions for my order?

You can prompt special instructions for your order before you checkout from the order page and we shall pass on those instructions to the concerned restaurant.

How can I give instructions to delivery executive?

After the delivery executive is assigned for your order, you can call them and give the instructions.

Who's responsible for the quality of food?

The restaurant! We make sure that we tie up with qualified restaurants but we are just responsible for delivering the food hot in scheduled time. You can always rate the food and service and we shall take steps to solve that.

How to cancel or change an order?

We will make sure to accommodate your cancellation request if the order is not accepted by the restaurant. But, if in case the restaurant has confirmed the order, we have the right to charge a cancellation fee up to complete order value to compensate restaurant and delivery partners.

Can I modify the items in my order?

We may not be able to modify the order if the restaurant has already started the preparation. However, we shall try to convey your request to the concerned restaurant. Call us +91-88010-00055

How can I solve payment or refund related queries?

We would be happy to help. Call or email us and we will get back to you.

I want to partner my restaurant with Laalsa

Sure! Please get in touch with us. Call (+91 88010 00066) or email us at “partners@yumzi.ai”.

How can I give my feedback?

It’s very easy. Rate us or write to us.

Is there a minimum order value?

No!! We don’t believe in putting bars.

Is there a delivery fees?

Delivery Fee may vary from city to city, and also if the order value is below the definite amount. In addition to it, some of the restaurants might have fixed delivery fees. Delivery fee (If any) is described on the Review order page.

What's the standard delivery time?

It isn’t fixed. Delivery time varies from place to place and food to food. But we assure you to deliver ASAP. Usually it gets delivered within 45mins.

Can I order from any location?

Yes, you can order from anywhere using our app for the locations we are currently serving. Select your delivery location from the app to know if we are serving in your location.

Can I order in bulk?

Currently, Yumzy is restricted to real time online delivery, so we restrict the order quantity rights to us. We have allow sufficient quantity per order. If in case you need anything above the stated limit, try placing multiple orders or use “StoveRove” our meal scheduling & party orders app available on web, IOS and Android for bulk ordering.

I am unable to view details on my Yumzy profile.

Is your app due for an update? If yes, kindly update asap.

I want to deactivate my account

That’s sad!! You can write us at care@yumzy.in and we will help you deactivate.

I want an invoice of my order.

To get the invoice of your stated order, simply select the particular order from the order history page for which you wish to receive the invoice. Tap on email invoice, the invoice will be directly sent to your registered email address.

Can I place a take away as well?

Currently, we accept only delivery orders

I have a big party coming up, can I get some special discount?

For party arrangements and bulk orders use our “StoveRove” app.
Get in touch with us at orders@stoverove.com

Is COD available?

Currently, we accept only online payments

Order Related FAQ's

Wrong order delivered

We regret that you had a bad experience with us. Please contact us and we shall resolve this asap.

Where is my order?

You can use Live Tracking on the App to know your order’s location. Nonetheless, you can Call Us +91-88010-00055 or chat with us in case of assistance.

I haven't received this order

We are really sorry for that. Can you please try reaching out to our delivery executive or call us at +91-88010-00055? We would be happy to help.

Some items are missing from my order

That’s sad! Please tell us the details and we will resolve this issue asap!

There are some items different from what I offered

We regret that you had a bad experience with us. Please contact us and we shall resolve this asap.

My order has packing and spillage issues

We are really sorry that you had to face that issue. Please reach out to us and we will try our best to resolve this.

The food I received was of bad quality

Please let us know what was bad. We don’t appreciate under quality food. We shall look into it with immediate effects.

The items were of inadequate quantity

We appologies on behalf of the restaurant. Please let us know what was indequate. We’ll take care of this issue immediately.

I have payment related query for this order

Apologies! Please tell us the details and we will resolve this issue asap!