Did You Try These Palatable Winter Foods In Hyderabad?

Did You Try These Palatable Winter Foods In Hyderabad?

There is something quite magical about the mild winter of Hyderabad that simply turns on the gastronome inside each one of us. Come winter, and we all start craving for some delicious winter foods to treat our taste-buds with. Food stalls and restaurants brimming with hungry and passionate foodies become a familiar scene during the winter days.

It’s the time of the year when every single person wants to sink their teeth into something appetizing. Even at homes, we constantly crave for hot and spicy food to keep ourselves warm and cozy. If you are in Hyderabad, your taste-buds are in for an exciting gastronomic tour. To lure the gourmet inside you, let us offer some details about the must-try food items during the Hyderabadi winter days.

Paya Nihari- juicy and spicy winter food

If there is a dish that easily beats the chilly winter nights, then it has to be the Paya Nihari. It’s a traditional food cooked in almost every Hyderabadi house during the winter season. The word paya means Leg, whereas Nihari means stew. So, Paya Nihari is a stew made from the shank meat of lamb or mutton. In Hyderabad, there are some restaurants where you can get the heavenly taste of this non-veg delicacy.

Jalebi- we bet you can’t eat just one!

If you have a sweet tooth, you cannot resist the temptation or this Indian sweet dish. Made from the batter of maida flour (refined flour), Jalebi can be a treat to your soul after a savory meal. The golden-colored crispy look of Jalebi can instantly grab your attention. In Hyderabad, you haven’t explored the street food until you have gorge into some juicy, hot, and crispy jalebis!

Maghaz masala- a heavy dose of spiciness

For the ardent lovers of non-veg food, Hyderabad is no less than Mecca for them. Besides the aromatic biryani, many other dishes can make you drool over them. Maghaz masala is one of them. To enlighten the foodie inside you, Maghaz basically means “brain”. So, it is a dish made by frying the brain of goat with herbs and spices. Also known as Bheja fry, this dish keeps your mood and body perfectly warm during the winter days.

Stuffed mirchi bhajji- it will get you drooling..

We all know that South-Indian dishes are known for their spiciness and masala-loaded flavors. If you are someone who prefers biting into something hot and spicy, you would love to try this item. During the winter days, munching on these flavorful snacks can be a treat to your taste-buds.

Gajar ka Halwa- a dessert made in heaven

Let’s admit that winter is incomplete without some rich and flavorsome Gajar ka Halwa. No one would raise an eyebrow if Gajar ka Halwa is crowned as the king of desserts for the chilly weather. In Hyderabad, there are some delicious options available where having those extra calories in the form of Gajar ka Halwa won’t make you feel guilty even for once.

Kebabs & tandoors- straight from the oven!

Hot kebabs and tandoori chicken in winter nights sounds like a match made in heaven. Isn’t it? The restaurants, food trucks, and QSRs in Hyderabad can make you go weak at the knees with their palatable kebabs and tandoori delicacies. Beginning your meal with these starters truly enhance your eating experience. From juicy mutton seekh kebabs to hot and fiery tandoori chicken, the choices are innumerable.

Feeling tempted and hungry, right? Besides them, there is a long list of dishes you can add and make your winter more delightful. Explore the streets or get the food delivered right to your doorstep, enjoy food the way you like.

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