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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign-up with Yumzy?

Yumzy offers you a platform that empowers your restaurant business in many ways. We make sure you get back the control over your business, know your consumers and their preferences, and generate more revenue.

Who can sign up with Yumzy?

Any restaurant that maintains a hygienic environment and quality with respect to ingredients, food packing, water, staff hygiene, cleanliness of kitchen, equipment and utensils, sanitisation, pest control.

Does Yumzy top up menu prices?

No. We have nothing to do with your menu or prices. Our team will NOT have any access to tamper your menus, prices or offers. We suggest you to keep fair prices and NOT to bloat menu prices or reduce portion size that could damage your consumers loyalty.

When will I get the payments of my orders?

The payments are settled directly between you and your customers. It takes T+3 days to get the payment credited to your account via payment gateway.

How quickly can I start accepting orders?

As soon as you complete the signup process, upload menu, get verified and approved by us, you are ready to go live.

Can I use my own delivery fleet?

Yes. You have an option to use the one that is integrated into our platform or use your own fleet. Your delivery fleet can even use the rider application available in the platform and configured to allocate order to your fleet directly.

Do you offer any discounts from your side?

No. We do not offer any discounts, but you can offer discounts or promotions directly to your consumers using our platform. Our system will suggest the right offers that could generate better traction for you. However, Yumzy will put it efforts and money to generate the reach that you can leverage.

How do I handle my own generated orders?

Yumzy is your own platform that takes care of all your orders regardless of their origin. Any orders punched in Yumzy online, phone or third party, will be taken care of.

Who will handle delivery or customer issues?

It’s on our plate. Any issues with delivery or consumers will be taken care of by our call center and operations team, you do not have to worry. You along with your consumers will get to know the status of the orders and can also track them.

Will I be charged for delivery?

We negotiate the best prices for delivery with our delivery partners. These charges can be passed on to end consumers or taken by you, or shared by both.

Do I know my consumer?

Yes, you will not only know your consumers but also know their food preferences, so you can reach the right audience using Customer 360° provided in the Yumzy platform.