Let’s Work Together

A well-balanced platform

Giving Equal Opportunity, Offering Visibility

Yumzy is a platform where every restaurant, no matter how big or small, gets the chance to showcase their USPs to the foodies out there.

Get self-dependent

Generate Orders on Your Own

The features offered by Yumzy help restaurants to become self-dependent, so that they don’t have to rely on a third-party food aggregator to get more orders.

Result-driven ecosystem

Create Traction Using Latest Marketing Tools

Our eco-system help restaurants leverage the power of the latest marketing tools and strategies for their own advantage. It comprises theme-based promotions, social media ads, offline marketing, and many more.

Innovation Drives Business Growth

Take Control of Your Food Business

Customer’s Identity

Put Yourself in Your Customers’ Shoes


Want to know your customers better? Yumzy’s Customer360 analyzes your customers’ buying behavior, food preferences, and other vital information, and then shares it with you.

Food Business Insights

Predictions That Drive Profitability


Use Yumzy’s business insights to know about what food items and offers to promote among your target customers to gain more traction.

Promotion Engine

Let Your Brand Do The Talking


Be a part of Yumzy’s theme-based promotion campaigns to engage with your customers, while using social media ads and offline marketing tools for deeper market penetration.

Dedicated In-App Page

Exclusivity That Converts More Leads


In Yumzy app, you get a dedicated and exclusive space for your restaurant. Showcase your menu to the foodies out there.

Flexible Delivery

Advance Towards a Flexible Business Model


Fulfill your orders with Yumzy’s smooth and quick delivery channel. Or, use your own delivery fleet as per your convenience.


Brand Recall That Boost ROI


Now convert your restaurant’s one-time customer into a regular one with Yumzy’s smart remarketing tactics. Targeted ads help improve business.


How Does it Work?

Let’s explain you with a quick example.
“Chetan is just another budding restaurateur in your town, having the right chops to turn his newly set-up restaurant into a successful story. But, he isn’t getting enough orders, and his restaurant seems to be lost in the crowd of listings. To add insult to the injury, online food aggregators are charging high commissions & penalties!
So, what does he do now? One fine day, he decides to join Yumzy, as a last attempt to revive his dying restaurant business. And guess what, it worked! But, how?
Chetan leveraged the ecosystem of Yumzy in the best way he could. He was smart enough to make optimum use of social media ads and other marketing tools to get his brand spotted by the audience. Once the base was set, he capitalized on Yumzy’s Customer360 model to understand his consumers closely. Using the power of Promotion Engine, he created irresistible offers for his customers, which in turn started generating more orders through Yumzy’s food ordering platform.
Now, Chetan is a happy and self-dependent restaurateur... So, are you?”

You are in a Good Company

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