5 Points To Consider Before Using A Food Delivery App In India

5 Points To Consider Before Using A Food Delivery App In India

The sudden rise in the use of food delivery apps in India is encouraging other players to join the race. Consumers these days have several options to choose from. The intense competition between these apps has opened the floodgate of offers and discount promos. But being a smart consumer, you must give importance to other aspects too. Offers and discounts should not be the only factor in determining your choice. There are many other points one must consider before using a food delivery app in India. 

In case you are feeling clueless about it, there is no need to worry about. Through this blog, we will help you know how to select the best apps to order food online. Next time when you choose a food delivery app, make sure these points are met.

  • Hygienic food matters

You would never want to eat something that doesn’t come from a hygienic place. Not all restaurants, QSR, or food truck maintain a good level of hygiene or cleanliness in their kitchen area. They might try to lure you with enticing images of dishes. But once you step into their kitchen area, you wouldn’t dare to sink your teeth into their food. For this reason, it is important that you use only those food delivery apps that list only qualified and hygienic restaurants, QSRs, and food trucks. 

So, before you place an order, you must go through the website of that app and make sure it has set some strict guidelines for its partner restaurants regarding hygiene and packaging. Some food delivery apps carry out food safety and hygiene audit before listing a restaurant on their app. 

  • No confusion while ordering food

When people place an order, they often feel confused about which dish to choose from the menu list. First of all, they find it difficult to choose between a long list of restaurants. Once they are done finalizing a restaurant, the next big question that haunts them is- which food to order? This kind of situation usually happens when there are innumerable options available. Today’s food delivery apps should try to harness the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. It can be used for coming up with food suggestions. When we install a food delivery app, it can take inputs from us and then use the same to come up with the best suggestions. In this way, we will not have to spend too much time on placing an order. We will get to choose from a menu designed to suit our food preferences.

  • Timely delivery is important

A significant chunk of customers who order food online these days are from the corporate world. To them, the timely delivery of food matters a lot. They don’t like waiting too long for the food delivery guy to arrive. Overall, the delivery time should be maxed up to 45 minutes. Anything more than that can make the customers feel annoyed. As a result, they won’t mind deleting the app from their smartphone. When you install a food delivery app on your phone, make sure it has not received too many negative reviews for its delivery part.

  • Provides accurate and detailed information

Customers these days are very particular about what they are eating. Health and fitness conscious customers want to know what’s in their food. To such customers, having a food delivery app that provides details like meal quantity and nutritional facts can be quite helpful. Knowing the size of your meal will make it easier for you to order food according to your appetite. Likewise, if you want to avoid high-calorie food items, getting an idea of the calorie content can be equally helpful. Without any doubt, it will provide a premium feel to food ordering apps

  • Allow you to order from multiple restaurants

It often happens at the time of ordering food that we want to order food items from two different restaurants. For example, you may want to order the main course from one restaurant and dessert from another. But most of the food delivery apps do not come with this feature. In such cases, you usually have to place two different orders. It means you may have to pay twice for the delivery. But, you can avoid this kind of situation by choosing a food delivery app that allows you to club orders from multiple restaurants. 

So, those are the five points customers should keep in mind before using food delivery apps in India. To get the best experience, you must choose an app that focuses on making the entire process easier for its customers.

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